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Kavya Madhavan is a malayalam actress. Kavya hails from nileshwar in Kasargod district in Kerala. Kavya is the no. 1 among mallu actresses. Kavya has acted in lot of movies starting from child hood. When she grow up she became a heroine. Even when she was a teenager she had a big mula. Her big mula and long hair were here trade mark. Kavya Madhavan has cut short her long hair for recent tamil movies. Now she is trying her luck in tamil with her chakka Boobs. Kavya is cute innocent looking actress but her big mula will make us think in the other way about her. The reason for her big mula is that she is very fat. Now she has reduced her fat but she still has a big mula. I will show you some photos of Kavya with big mulas. Next time I will show you other malayalam hot malayalam actresses like navya and bhavana. Till then enjoy these hot sexy Kavya Madhavan Boobs Photos.

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